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Odwalla Inc. is an American food product company that sells fruit juices, smoothies and food bars. It was founded in Santa Cruz, California, in 1980 and since 1995 is headquartered in Half Moon Bay, California. Odwalla's products include juices, smoothies, soy milk, bottled water, organic beverages, and several types of energy bars, known as "food bars".

Odwalla has unskilled and unprofessional managers, there are long hours and a lack of training for employees, and a poor direction growth due to constant changes, according to a review by a former employee at indeed.com

"Managers are unskilled and unprofessional. Improper training is given and long hours. The plant is shut down now. Constant changes resulted in poor direction for growth, ability to work with customers compromised as they sensed confusion in direction."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extremely long hours, most routes start between 3 and 5 am, and you will work 10-12 hours. Management not willing to help you advance. Decisions not made in the best interests of employees, and management seems to be all over the place."


"Warm and fuzzy juice comnay no longer. Poorly managed bureaucracy. Since Coke has gotten more involved in this delicate perishables business, it has taken the barn image and killed it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Work you like a dog and don't care how many hours it takes to get the job done. The hours are absolutely horrible. 2am to 3pm is a typical day"

Route Sales Representative says

"No room to advance. upper management would rather be out playing golf then helping. Dying brand that is at the end of its life cycle."


"This company is part of Coca-Cola. If you want to work in an environment that holds creativity back because of the organization size...this company is for you."

Former Employee - Order Picker says

"management has no idea what they are doing, ignore input from employees. Over worked employees."

Operations Manager says

"The company lacks vision and the leadership seems to be falling apart over the past year. The company has been unstable since the re-org in 2008 and especially after their President left. The leadership isn't in touch with the company or its people. Working for Odwalla is also difficult during the economic downturn as the product is a luxery item and the price is not attractive to shoppers."

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"No parent company support Benefits are not very good Management has misplaced priorities and when you need their help they are nowhere to be found."

Current Employee - RSR Route Sales Representative says

"Your commission and work hours depend on the route you have! Obviously being the new guy you will get the worst route by far. Seniority is applied here. Money is good but not the greatest. Health insurance is bad for being a coke company Incentive programs are not as good as they could be Barely or nothing room for improvement. It depends more on the connections than your daily performance."


"no investment to the brand"

jummer (Former Employee) says

"it was a bad work place unfair on lunches and all the treated us temps like if we were nobodys bad bad bad I tell you. I don't think it was right for them to pull that on us trying to workno lumnchno munch"

District Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Odwalla was at one time a fun smaller company that seemed to care about culture and maintaining identity. The more Coca Cola took over, the more the company lost it's brand. It's gone now ever to return with it's stiff outdated Coca Cola culture.It was a jobAwful antiquated Coca Cola culture has taken over"

Quality Assurance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I analyzed juice before going into production ensuring the juice met Coke manufacturing,requirements, as well as FDA requirements. Inspected incoming fruit, and dry products for defects. Inspected finished product insuring production requirements for weight and packaging requirements meet company standardsAbility to work under my own time frame"

Route Sales Representative (RSR) says

"This company provides a luxury item in the retail business with the economy being down therefore job security is very unstable as is the management especially the Phoenix district. Besides the management not being in tune with the employee's demands from the customer's needs they are on a self destructive mission to only run things their way! Management turns employees against one another making a hostile work environment. Does not give promised vacations and if you are injured on the job, forces you to work anyway. The company as a whole keeps making poor decisions regarding the marketing of the product and is headed down a one way spiral to bankruptcy,.free pair of working shoes once a year.managment!!!!!"

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"They provide good health benefits and after one year of employment you get three weeks of vacation."

Operations Assistant (Current Employee) says

"They provide good health bentfits and after a year for working with the company you get three weeks of vacation."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Odwalla/coke was a horrible experience as a manager. they treat houly employees like trash....."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Managers are unskilled and unprofessional. Improper trainings given and long hours. Plant is shut down now.noneManagement team."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working there was a horrible experience. I learn by working there that you are on your own they don't help you out. Management sucked at my plant which was Anaheim location. My boss was a jealous and crazy that was always out to get employees if he didn't like you. I made 52 thousand dollars by working there for a solid year which isn't to bad but the long working hours isn't worth it at all!! You are basically working there day and night. Hopefully the company changes and starts to hire real management people that know what they are doing and not mess around. But I wouldn't recommend any one to work at the Anaheim location unless you are disparate for a job.Good benefitsBad management"

Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Constant changes resulted in poor direction for growth, ability to work with customers comprimised as they sensed confusion in direction.good compensation packageconstant leadership changes/business plan"

District Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"This was a great company to work for. With the integration of this juice company into Coca Cola Refreshments, there is a poor understanding on the part of CCR as to how a fresh juice company works and that there is not enough head count to support their antiquated systems. Odwalla used to have great systems in place before integrationGreat people on the Odwalla side, hard working.No real understanding of the juice business by CCR corporate"

Machine Operator/Lead (Former Employee) says

"first shift,job skills I can take to a other job , management D- , workplace culture ok , hardest part of the job I don't think there is one overall good job to b inFirst shiftmanagment"

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you are willing to work will make money, physically demanding job and need good people skills. In the end about the numbers, (odwalla is owned and managed by coca-cola) they portray a particular image to there customers and employees but do not live up to it. Good benefits, although they tend to shrink or become more expensive every year. Pay is not where it should be for route sales reps but still ok. Company not run particularly well, many bad executive management decisions over the years, however fairly new ceo, he may turn things around.fellow employees, benefitsmanagement"

Tech Manager (Former Employee) says

"Coca-cola is a dated company with outdated technology and processes. Not a good place to work if you want to be on the cutting edge of technology Work/life balance is good"

Warehouse Assistant (Former Employee) says

"comes with unload big containers with the forklift, and move the pallets to the big fridge camera, keeping the warehouse clean and clear , check the shipping manifest and make the reports, the hardest part of this job was loading .monday - fridayshort breaks for deadlines."


"Odwalla was a good place to work because they had good benefits and compensation, (hourly plus commission). The 401 K was good but the management was lacking.weekends offmanagement"

District Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Route-to-market strategy cost a lot of jobs. Seems like everything top down is the most inefficient way of going to business."

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Comes with a early days, get ready to go and sales products that helps others with a good nutrients , interactive with other peoples, manages your own inventory and territory, multicultural co-workers, the hardest part of the job is when your going back to the warehouse you have to load your truck. with the next delivery day. " the most enjoyable part of the job is make a smile to our customers.early star - easy endsshort breaks for deadlines."

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work. Job was hard and it was tough to work in the extreme weather. Job advancement was nonexistent and the hours were long. Had to start the day at 5 in the morning.AtmosphereAdvancement"

Route Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"There was much to admire about my position with Odwalla. The physical aspect of loading trucks and delivery small to large loads of beverages kept me in shape. The responsibility of maintaining an excellent product inventory and large sales territory kept my mind sharp. I feel at home driving for a living and prided myself on a exceptional safety record while on the road. Having the opportunity to meet and work with so many different people allowed my social skills to flourish. I enjoyed selling and promoting a product I truly believed in. The remote aspect of my job was the biggest plus and biggest minus. I enjoyed the freedom to operate without constant supervision, although the lack of in person management left a motivational hole in my job life.Being on the road and outside in the elements and the people I worked with.Lack of management and leadership consistency."